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Contacting Real Estate Agents

In June 2019, I went to Languedoc, Occitanie to get acquainted with the region for real. Therefore, I made contact with real estate agents and brokers and went on plenty of house viewings. I have got an idea of villages or where on the countryside might be of most interest.

Contacting Real Estate Agents

Through a couple of different approaches, I have contacted agents. Both some brokers that then set up the viewings with the real estate agency that has listed the property, and through direct contacts with real estate agents on which sites I’ve found an interesting object.

There is not a single engine/site where all objects are listed. You will have the most available object presented to you by visiting many various agents websites. A couple of them also offer the information in English.

It happens frequently that on and the same property is listed on severals agens websites, this is because the seller has decided to not sell the property exclusively through one partner.
Normally when a property is listed as ”Exclusive” it refers to the specific agent being the exclusive seller, but there is no warranty since it can just mean that this specific property is exclusive (particular) compared to other listings at the moment.

Here you will find vacant properties in the French housing market

Please note that the sites below have agreements with a selection of brokers on the market, not all. So you may need to scan them all to find the dream item:

  • – in French and with the only functioning map function that usually gives you an idea of where the property is actually located
  • FrenchPropertyLinks – in English
  • FrenchProperty – in English
  • – in French but simply formulated text in the search results so it can go well if you know the basics of the language
  • – in French and sister site to but may contain other advertisement than the above

Real Estate Agencies:


Specify what to demand and search for

Be clear about what must be in your property, in addition to things that are desirable. It makes it easier for the broker you use. They can more easily search for items for you, as they access more databases than you as a consumer can easily access.

Here I listed my requirements and wishes:

Must Have/Be

outdoor space (terrace/courtyard/garden)
proper windows
min. 2 bedrooms
parking space
max 45 min to beach

Nice to Have

detached house
if village house: corner building
more bedrooms
en suite bathroom
wooden shutters on windows

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