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Calculating on how to buy a house in France

To be as good prepared as one can be it is essential to be calculating on how to buy a house in France. Additionally, as a foreigner there are some necessary details to have insight in.

Calculating on how to buy a house

1.Find out what overheads the house purchase will have

Brokerage fees, Cost of Notary Public’s review of purchase, Bank charges, Insurances.

2.Calculate the amount of down payment required

For loans, calculate how much of the house cost that has to be paid directly upon purchase as a cash deposit.

3.Calculate what the interest of the mortgage would be

Withdraw cash contribution from house price to say house large mortgage loan can be.

4.Find out what the annual expenses are

Property tax, Electricity costs, Water costs, Heating costs.

5.Calculate monthly costs of the house

Break down annual costs on monthly expenses.


If you do not have the cash bet yet, it’s with the above information you can find out how much money you need to get together before buying. In addition to gaining an eye on the economy before buying, you’ll also get an overview of the upcoming costs of having a house.


Meanwhile – Dreaming Away

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